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Introduction Of The Program:

The BS English program at Alshifa Institute of Health Sciences Narowal is designed to equip students with a comprehensive understanding of the English language, literature, and communication skills. Through a dynamic curriculum and interactive learning experiences, students will develop critical thinking, analytical writing, and effective communication abilities for diverse professional opportunities.

In the BS English program at Alshifa Institute of Health Sciences Narowal, students will explore various literary genres, study language theories, and gain proficiency in written and spoken English. The program fosters a supportive learning environment, encourages creativity, and prepares students to excel in fields such as teaching, journalism, translation, and content writing.

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Head of Department (English)

Mr. Ashbeel Haleem

MPhil English Literature



Hamid Maqsood

MPhil English Literature



Mohammad Nafees

MPhil English Literature

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admissions requirements?
  • Minimum 45% marks in FSC.


What are the required documents to take admissions?
  • 5 Passport Size Photographs
  • 5 Matric Result Card Copies
  • 5 Intermediate Result Card Copies
  • 5 Domicile Copies
  • 5 CNIC Copies
How do I have to submit the required documents ?
  • By campus visit.
How much is the admission fee to enter university ?
  • The Admission Fee is 20,000/-
  • And Semester Fee is 25,000/-
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