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Introduction Of The Program:

The mission of the department is to enhance the research skills of the creative minds through active involvement in the research-oriented activities. It has qualified and experienced teachers who are devotedly inculcating in the students the zeal, spirit and determination necessary to compete with the new scientific challenges in every walk of life.

It help to build and enhance computational skills necessary in today’s society and develop the students ability to critically interpret numerical and graphical data. Reinforce the critical thinking skills of the students.

Job Opportunities


Assistant Professor (Coordinator)

Dr. Kamran Ahmad

Phd, Mathematics

Muhammad Awais


Muhammad Awais

M.Phil, Mathematics

Munazza Mubeen

Lecturer (Coordinator)

Munazza Mubeen

M.Phil, Mathematics

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admissions requirements?
  • Minimum 45% marks in FSC Pre-Eng or ICS.
What are the required documents to take admissions?
  • 5 Passport Size Photographs
  • 5 Matric Result Card Copies
  • 5 Intermediate Result Card Copies
  • 5 Domicile Copies
  • 5 CNIC Copies
How do I have to submit the required documents ?
  • By campus visit.
How much is the admission fee to enter university ?
  • The Admission Fee is 20,000/-
  • And Semester Fee is 25,000/-
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