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Introduction Of The Program:

Early and accurate diagnosis of a disease is preliminary for the treatment which depends entirely on skilled hands to operate medical lab equipment and perform accurate laboratory tests. Therefore, an academic program is urgently needed which can train and enable professionals to perform accurate lab tests, handle modern laboratory equipment & instruments and have potential to use latest scientific methods for precise detection, diagnosis and prognosis of the disease.

This program will be implemented by qualified faculty in well-equipped laboratories, purposefully build lecture halls along with the facility of physical as well as digital library. A real exposure in the clinical laboratory will be given to the students by terminal research projects and clinical clerkships.

Job Opportunities

Asfand Yar

Lecturer (Coordinator)

Asfand Yar

M. Phil, Immunology and Molecular Pathology



Safdar Hayat Khan

MS, Molecular Biology



Usman Mushtaq

M. Phil, Molecular Pathology

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the admissions requirements?
  • Minimum 60% marks in FSC Pre-Medical.
What are the required documents to take admissions?
  • 5 Passport Size Photographs
  • 5 Matric Result Card Copies
  • 5 Intermediate Result Card Copies
  • 5 Domicile Copies
  • 5 CNIC Copies
How do I have to submit the required documents ?
  • By campus visit.
How much is the admission fee to enter university ?
  • The Admission Fee is 25,000/-
  • And Semester Fee is 40,000/-
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